Step Into The River

by James Moore © 2003

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Verse 1:


C                        G           Am  F

As the flames of life surround you

       C        G             Am    F

You see nowhere to run

     C         G          Am  F

My Father has the answer

       Dm7               G

The answer is His Son



C         G      Am F

Step into the river

       Dm7     G

The river of love

C         G      Am F

Step into the river

        Dm7                       G

That flows from heav’n above


Verse 2:

           C         G         Am  F

If your spirit’s dry and weary

         C             G             Am  F

Your heart this world has torn

  C              G           Am  F

I know who you can turn to

         Dm7             G

Your soul will be reborn



C         G      Am  F

Step into the river

C          G        Am   F

Feel its gentle flow

       C           G           Am  F

The moment that you enter

      Dm7              G

His Spirit you will know