Totally Free

by James Moore © 2003

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G(first time only)        C           Em

What's worth eternity?

                           G         D

What would you trade,

                  C                  Em

To live in eternal bliss,

                          G          D

Have no hell to pay




            G                         Bm

Infinite worth, yet totally free,

                      C                         D

Salvation's a gift, for you and me

                      Bm                 C

From Jesus' birth 'til His return,

                   Bm                    C

With every single word He yearns –


To give us eternity,

                   C             D

He offers eternity,

            C        D

Totally free,

            C        D

Totally free,

            G        D

Totally free




           G                        Bm

Jesus has so much to give,

          C                           D

Don't leave your soul to fate,

     G              Bm     C                 D

Receive His gift, before it's too late