When The Dove Cries

by James Moore © 2003

CCLI Song # 4090991

Tune is at http://movingtowardchrist.com/When_The_Dove_Cries.m3u




            C                           Em

Do you seek the One who sought you


            F                             G

Do you know the One who came


    Am                  F  

To be the final sacrifice


       Am                    G

And take away your shame


                 C                      Em

Or do you grieve the Holy Spirit


          F                    G

When you refuse to claim


       Am                       F

The precious blood of Jesus


               Dm7              G

That was shed in Your name



                F                   Am

When the Dove cries


         C                  G

Will it be for joy or pain


                F                 Am

When the Dove cries


             C                     G

Will you feel the gentle rain


            Em            F

As His Glory falls around you


Dm7                  G

Will your life be changed




When the Dove cries