"God blessed me with a talent for playing and creating music, I'm just keeping my end of the deal."

I was born in Pell City, Ala. in 1967 and grew up in a Christian home in Sylacauga, Ala. I was blessed with the ability to play music by ear and served as pianist for the Church of God of Prophecy in Sylacauga from 1981 to 1989. I married my wonderful wife Melinda in 1987, and we have two children, Jennifer and Trey. I earned a BEE from Auburn University in 1991 and an MSEE from the University of Alabama in Birmingham in 1993. My professional career as an Electronics Engineer, Operations Research Analyst, and Technical Advisor has allowed us to experience life in Georgia, Oklahoma, and now Florida. I believe God has had his hand over my life every step of the way - even after I lost faith in Him around 1991. I found God again in 2000, and served as keyboardist/vocalist for the First Assembly of God of Panama City Beach up until May 2006; while at First Assembly I was in a band consisting mostly of young adults called Overtly Christian.  In May 2006 we were led to Crossroads Church, where I served on the worship team for about a year as keyboardist and backup vocalist.  I've been writing songs for God for over 25 years, although only seriously since late 2002.  I've found this to be an extremely rewarding experience. When I see people getting into worship while singing one of my P&W tunes, I feel as if I've accomplished what God put me here to do. God alone knows what is in store for my music ministry, but I seek His will in my life and in my music, and trust that He has it all under control.

I founded the Christian Songwriter's Network (CSN) website ( in 2003 and God is richly blessing this ministry (as of August 8, 2007, we have over 2,500 members)!

Thanks for stopping by and God bless!

Moving Toward Christ,
James Moore

Here's a reprint (with permission) of an interview conducted by Dave Byers, of in April 2003:

Featured member
James Moore is a fairly new member/songwriter (since Jan), has his own site (, He plays his music in his local church), but has recently sent a package of songs to one publisher, to CCLI, and have had some positive feedback from a local independent artist. James's site is very nice. It lists songs to read and hear as well as a cool studio cam to watch him in action.

5 questions with James Moore

(CSO) James tell us about your typical inspiration to song process.

James: This really inspiration can come from a sermon, a scripture, or sometimes an idea just pops into my head. I hope the Holy Spirit has a hand in all three.

(CSO) Stranded on an island with one thing. What one thing would it be that you'd use to write songs?

James: My arranger keyboard (Korg PA60)

(CSO) 3 songs or artists that have inspired you to write

James: Can I respond with two artists and one song? That would be my dad (James Moore Sr., who taught me how to play the guitar and stirred my interest in music), Shirley Martin (a friend and fellow keyboardist/songwriter), and the song would be "Bless The Lord" by Jay Hall, Darin Sasser, and Chad Jarnigan.

(CSO) Song you wish you wrote.

James: "Jesus, Lover of My Soul" by John Ezzy, Daniel Grul, and Steve McPherson

(CSO) In 3 years I want to be _______ with my writing.

James: Spirit-led and successful (defined as accomplishing whatever God's got in store for my music ministry)

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